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Oct. 19th in Luther, OK

Dead Woods Haunted Forest
20100 NE 178th St
Luther, OK. 73054

Bring your ID & Waiver

October 19th

Luther, OK

Anyone over the age of 14

Why not?... No really…why would you not want to get in on this?!

Oklahoma’s Premier 5K Zombie-filled Obstacle Mud Run

The Dirty 30 Race “Zombie Edition” is a challenging 5k that will test you both mentally and physically. While being chased by brain-hungry zombies, you will make your way over and through an amazing course of both natural terrain and challenging man-made obstacles. Your goal is to survive……….if you can.

Every runner is given a flag belt with 3 flags. These flags represent your health; your goal is to get to the Safe Zone (Finish Line) with at least one flag. Jump, duck, dodge and roll to prevent the zombies from taking your flags.

1. All flag belts must be worn on the outside of your clothing (no hiding your flags)

2. Lose all your flags and the zombies win (you still finish the race)

3. Runners CANNOT attack zombies



You can’t have a “Zombie Edition” without zombies. The viral outbreak was caused by two different strains S and F (Slow and Fast).

S-Virus Zombies are slow, move in large groups and can be found out in the open. Don’t let their slow speed fool you, they can feed longer without having to recover.

F-Virus Zombies are quick and fast, moving in smaller groups and appear out of nowhere. They will chase you over longer distances, but will tire quickly.

Zombies really don’t eat brains they take health flags

Zombies can only take one flag from each runner

No intoxicated zombies

Slow zombies can’t chase

Direct and intentional contact is not permitted you can only take flags


Running from Zombies? Read Below!

What do I get for running?

Finisher medal
Special edition race bib
Free beer
Zombie dodging good time

Do I get to finish the race if I lose all my flags?

Yes you do. However, you will not be eligible for a timed award.

If I lose all my flags do I start taking other runners flags?

No, you don’t. If you want to be a brain hungry zombie, please sign up to be one.

How do I wear my flag belt?

All flags should be worn on the outside of your clothing and should be visible at all times.

Can I bring my Zombie protection kit?

No weapons of any kind… axe, zombie repellent sprays, etc.

How old to I have to be?

14 on race day

Can I transfer my registration ticket?

Yes, please contact us at . You will need to provide the same information that you used to register with. No transfers after October 6th.

Can I wear a costume?

Yes, you can but you must wear your bib at all times. This is how we tell the difference between runners and zombies.

Infected with the zombie virus? Hungry for human brains? Read Below!

What Do Zombies Get?

A professional Zombie makeover
Special Zombie t-shirt
Race medal
A brain eating great time

Do I have to bring my own Zombie outfit?

We will provide you with a Zombie makeover and supplies to have you looking your Zombie best. We will have a limited amount of clothing to choose from, but if you want something specific like a cheerleader or Santa costume, you will need to bring your own.

When will I receive final race details?

One week before the race

What is the age minimum to be a Zombie?

14 on race day

Can I do more than one Zombie shift?


Can I race and be a Zombie?

Yes, it will only cost you an additional $15 to run. You will need to select this option when signing up to be a zombie.

Will I receive Zombie Training?

Along with a Zombie makeover you will also receive top notch Zombie training

Do Zombies get muddy?




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